To all our guests:
In order to ensure that your living conditions are the most pleasant, that the guarantee of safety and hygiene is maximum for all, and that the facilities, which we have wanted for you the best, are the longest preserved, we ask you to be carefully aware of these regulations and by your signature, commit to complying with them.

The following points should be observed and respected:

Art 1: Anyone who has not accepted the settlement by signing at the bottom of the copy given by the owner does not have the right of access to the accommodation designated in his contract or to the pool area.

Art2: Arrival times are scheduled for the afternoon from 5 p.m.
Departure times are scheduled for the morning before 9:00 a.m.

Art3: Tenants occupy the premises personally. All of visitor stay of people outside villa Spencer will be subject to owner’s approval

Art4: Facilities are provided in working order. Any claim that arises more than 2 days after the entry into the premises, may not be admitted. Similarly, please immediately report any loss, damage or deterioration, solutions may be considered during your stay and your deposit would be guaranteed.

Art5: Villa Spencer is a place of calm and rest. Tenants have an obligation to ensure the tranquillity of their neighbourhood. Day and night excessive noises of all kinds are prohibited (cries, music) Owners reserve the right to call to order all behaviours they deem harmful to Villa Spencer and its occupants and if necessary, to sanctions.

Art6: Smoking is strictly prohibited in dwellings.

Art7: Animals are not accepted unless agreement has been provided in writing


The property sits on a hill with an earthmoving landscape, walls with significant level differences. Tenants are committed to identifying difficult areas and monitoring children.
It is strictly forbidden to climb on walls or climb railings.

The owners remind the users of the pool of the lack of supervision of the pool; therefore it is the responsibility of the major persons vis-à-vis all the tenants registered with their contract.
Art8: All pool users must be covered by defence and liability insurance and acknowledge that owners are not liable for safety in the supervision of all people participating in the stay.
Art9: The pool is private; its use is reserved only for tenants staying in Villa Spencer.
Art10: Swimsuits are mandatory in the pool

Art11: Any child under the age of 16, unaccompanied by an adult parent, is not allowed access to
The pool area. Babies will be equipped with special diapers. They must be under strict
Monitoring by a responsible adult who knows how to swim (in order to avoid any risk of accidents, we ask you to watch especially young children). Under no circumstances should children be alone at the edge of the pool. If necessary, to swim

Art12: Pool users are committed to:
To close the safety curtain after each use of the pool.

Art13: It is forbidden to:
dive, throw or push someone into the water,
Use soap or similar products in the basin.
splash the participants in the swim, to take out the eto the pool in any way “bomb in the water” etc…
Shout, ingesting and arranging violent games around and in the pool.
urinate in water.
Throw objects, pebbles, or anything else in the water.
Run around the pool
It is strictly forbidden to access the technical premises and to touch the electrical installations.

Art14: The garden furniture available around the pool is the responsibility of the users who will have to take all measures and precautions in order to keep it in good condition. Please put them inside when it rains

Art15: Owners, on singular or repeated breaches of one of the articles, may impose the sanctions they deem appropriate in order to restore the smooth running of Villa Spencer. Depending on the case, they may demand financial compensation, immediate exclusion, or withdrawal of the authorizations they have previously granted without any compensation.

Art16: Waste management is the responsibility of tenants.

Art17: All the keys left on the interior doors, closets and pool curtain must be left in their respective place.

Art18: The tenant is committed to ensuring that the doors are closed when they leave the house and to closing shutters, windows and doors every night.

Art19: This regulation can be changed at any time by the owner without notice. The tenant will not be able to claim any compensation or refund regardless of the damage suffered.